A Look at Luke

Who am I?

My name is Luke Theisen, I am currently a junior at Harding University working towards a bachelor’s degree in public relations. I am a native Michigander from a town named Howell. I have five things that I am truly passionate about: God, my girlfriend and future wife Mikaela, the Detroit Red Wings, video games, and Star Wars (more specifically Darth Vader). There was a time where playing piano, guitar and ukulele would have been on that list, but as my life progresses certain things start to get replaced by school and work and other lame adult responsibility things. At least that’s what I like to say. In honesty, most of my time is spent with Mikaela.

As for my career choice, I have two “dream jobs” that brought me to the field of public relations. The first is being hired as a community manager for a video game company. The ideal scenario would be to work at Bungie, Inc. as a community manager for their game Destiny, as that’s the game/company that introduced me to the job. The second “dream job” would be working as a PR rep for the Red Wings.

As you can see, I’m trying my best to intertwine my passions with my career. I’m a firm believer in pursuing your passions and making what you love also what you get paid to do. I want to have a job I actually enjoy, not one that just brings in a paycheck. Now if only the Galactic Empire needed a PR guy…

What is this blog about?

This blog is pretty much just a class blog. I created it in Fall 2016 for my Print News Writing class and now it serves as my blog for Public Relations Tactics. Naturally, that means the theme for this blog is Public Relations. Up until this point all of my posts are about prompts I am given by a professor, however, pretty soon my fellow students and I will be writing about ideas and events we choose. As for the future of this blog after I graduate, we will just have to wait and see.

What I’ve learned about blogging.

I’ve learned quite a bit since creating this blog. On the technical side of things, I’ve learned about Search Engine Optimization and how to improve your chances of getting your content onto people’s screens and I’ve learned about the back end workings of a blog and blogging websites. But on a more practical side of things, I’ve learned how much work actually goes into creating a successful blog. I’ve learned that it isn’t about getting the most views, it’s about getting consistent viewers. And I’ve learned that blogs are a very powerful platform in the right hands, and can make or break a person or company.