The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 2014 Annual Report

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco won a Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation in 2016 in the Annual Reports category for Associations/Government/Nonprofit Organizations. They were given the award for their 2014 Annual Report titled, “Does College Matter?” The report seeks to answer that very question through numerous letters and essays, a college calculator to help students (or potential students) get an idea on how long it will take them to pay off their loans, multiple graphs and charts, audio clips/interviews, glossaries, videos, and even a weekly podcast. All of the resources provided in the report are neatly arranged on a website and are also available for download. Also included on the website is a link to subscribe to the San Francisco Fed Annual Report.

The essays are written by staff members at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (including the President and CEO, the Senior Economic Education Manager, and the Senior Vice President and Associate Director of Research) and have audio interviews embedded within the essay. Balancing passion with practicality, whether or not college pays, and the value of lifelong learning are a few of the topics discussed.

The podcast has been going for two seasons now and a new episode is added every week during a season with new guests and topics.

After skimming through everything this report has to offer it’s pretty clear that the answer is yes, college is worth it. I learned that college graduates start earning $5,000 – $6,000 more a year than high school graduates, but after 15 years that number grows to over $25,000. I also learned about the “breakeven” year and that students paying $9,000 in annual tuition for four years can break even in nine years, according to research. Those facts barely scratch the surface of everything contained in this report.

It’s very clear why this report won the Award of Commendation and, quite frankly, I’m shocked it didn’t win an actual Bronze Anvil. It is without a doubt one of the best reports I’ve ever looked at. The organization is clean and easy to navigate through, the information is extremely helpful and almost overwhelming in quantity, and if the essays aren’t enough, they have a podcast that is still being recorded (Keep in mind that this is the organization’s 2014 Annual Report and they have uploaded 37 new podcast episodes through 2016).

I encourage you to take a look yourself: 2014 Annual Report.

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